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Quantum Design China office is one important abroad branch office of Quantum Design. Founded in 1982, Quantum Design is a privately held corporation that develops and markets advanced technology cryogenic systems and instruments for the researcher community. Worldwide, Quantum Design has become the leading commercial source for integrated laboratory analytical systems incorporating superconducting technology. With the QD-LOT merger in 2007, Quantum Design established its strong branches in most of European countries. Since then, together with its strong European subsidiaries, Asian subsidiaries (in Japan,korea and the People’s Republic China), Quantum Design is creating a global networks offering distribution and after-sales service to manufacturers of scientific and industrial equipments world widely.

QD USA: www.qdusa.com
QD China: www.qd-china.com
QD Korea: www.qdkorea.com
QD Japan: www.qd-japan.com
QD China: www.qd-china.com
QD Europe: www.lot-qd.com
QD India: www.qd-india.com
QD SEA: www.qd-sea.com
QD SA: www.qd-americadosoul.com
QDI: www.qd-international.com

In 2004, to better support our customers in China, Quantum Design China was founded in Beijing. Service and applications support for QD’s Chinese customers, in addition to sales, is provided from this office. The long term goal of Quantum Design China is introducing new technologies and leading instruments into and out of Chinese market by partnering up with leading manufacturers who wish to penetrate the Chinese market and with the researchers who have great idea and like to commercialize their prototype in labs. Once a partnership is established, we work quickly to build market awareness by establishing technical capability within Quantum Design China combined with innovative marketing activities. In this way, we are able to quickly respond to the user's technical needs and provide an effective link between the manufacturer and Chinese customers. Quantum Design China has been very successful in bringing leading edge instruments from our partners into China market in the areas of materials physics, nanotechnology and Bio science.

We are looking forward to any proposal for a partnership with Quantum Design China!




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